Campaign Priorities 

Military Veterans 
I believe the men and women who served our country deserve to know their Commonwealth of Kentucky is active in their support and reinforcement. I will work to put Kentucky in the forefront of providing assistance and services when the process falls short at the national level. Our veterans should be able to look forward to help acclimating back to civilian life, obtaining additional career training and education, as well as medical care. your paragraph here.


While in the State House of Representatives, it is my goal to ensure every student has access to a full, high level of education in the public school system. Every student must have the opportunity to participate in a curriculum that prepares them for life after school, whether they choose to prepare for college, or take advantage of vocational courses that need to be added back into the schools’ curriculum.

Kentucky Kynect
Currently, Kentucky is leading the nation with its Kynect program. I plan to strengthen the positive aspects of the program, while looking for ways to improve it for the citizens of Kentucky. 

Gun Rights
Gun rights is a hotly contested issue. I plan to work closely with the law enforcement agencies to keep guns out of hands of criminals who threaten our communities’ safety, while protecting the rights of lawful gun owners.

Business in Kentucky needs to be supported and I want to ensure the Commonwealth is attractive to incoming businesses, in terms of business growth, retention, and recruitment. We have to ensure Kentucky is both financially and educationally attractive to business growth.

Heroin epidemic
The battle against the heroin epidemic is one that must be fought on several fronts. First, Kentucky must support parental education to be able to see the signs of use in their children. Additionally, more funding is necessary to support law enforcement in its task of stopping the sale of heroin, and the Commonwealth must empower the state’s prosecutors to get drug dealers out of our communities and off our streets.

Right to Work/Labor Laws
Kentucky needs its middle class for a healthy, prosperous future. I want to expose the lie that right to work benefits the working class. My goal is to strengthen the working class, which represents most of Kentucky citizens, so that it may provide for its families and have confidence that the children have a bright future.